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Opening sales in new markets can be a complex challenge and sometimes it is even hard to choose the right path. We will help you to take the right road which will save your time and resources. We are passionate about our customers´ success.
market introduction in spain and portugal consultants
Market knowledge

Our experience extends back in time to year 2000. We understand local customs, business and legislation. Our contact base benefits your business as we find perfect partners for you.

ingeneering and technical market introduction in spain advisors
Business & Technology

Our team members have a balanced combination of commercial and technical skills and we know what it takes to sell and deliver innovative solutions to Spanish and Portuguese clients.

consultants for technology companies for market entry in spain and portugal
Industry Understanding

Inseltrade has worked with various clients from different industries, gaining experience for example in technology, machinery, clean tech, energy, retail and tourism among other fields.

Our ServicesOr how can we help you in your success in Spain & Portugal

Market study

Not sure whether the chosen market is right for your company or your product? We will study the situation according to the agreed criteria before starting the complete market entry process. This will allow you to gain confidence before making bigger decisions.

Test drive

How does your product fit to the chosen markets? Does it need adjustments? Who are your rivals? Is the price correct? There might be various questions that need answering before you can start the operations in the chosen market. We help you to clarify these doubts contacting the right interest groups, such as end clients, distributors, media or officials.

Sales channel development

You have a clear idea of who will be your end client but you are not quite sure how to reach them. Often, there are several options to choose from and you cannot bet only on one horse if you want to ensure adequate. We identify the best possible sales channels and take you through the process of contacting and negotiating with them.

Sales services

We can help you in getting footprint fast in foreign markets by placing our seasoned specialists to serve and represent your company. This is an effortless and safe way to have your sales representative quickly in the target markets. The service can be permanent or fixed term, as well as full or part time.

Partner search

Local presence is crucial when doing business in new markets. Good partner has the needed knowledge and contacts to drive your business. On the other hand wrong partner can cost you both time and money. Finding a partner that you can trust is not always easy. We know the local market and can help you in identifying the right candidates.

Establishing your local affiliate

Establishing affiliate company in a foreign country is always a complex process and it will be easier if you have somebody to guide you. We can help reach the results effortlessly and faster using our knowledge as well as local partner companies who are specialists in such fields as legislation and recruiting.

Sourcing & Recruiting

Depending on your need you can find a solution whether it is about finding a new component for your product, ingredient for a recipe recruiting an employee to improve your presence in the Iberian market. Our trusted partners can also offer sourcing services in China. We can help you with these processes and make your business flourish.

Study trips

We help you to organize a study trip including for example planning the visits to companies and officials, giving presentations and finding lecturers. An excellent and entertaining way for benchmarking and refreshing ideas. Learn the best practices and find information that improves your business in your home market.

Customized services

There is no single way to new markets and therefore we want to keep our services flexible. Sometimes the solution is a combination of the services described above. So if you feel that your company and products do not fit right away in these categories, there’s no reason to worry. We can offer you a tailor made service package that will meet your requirements.

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Meet Our Team

Sami Auvinen at Inseltrade
Managing Partner

Sami’s field of expertise include internationalization consulting, marketing management, sales channel development, tourism and horeca.

Partner -Business development

Jyrki has led several go-to-market programs and been involved in customer cases and partnering negotiations in all continents.

Marja-Liisa Ketola
Advisor -Project and Product Management

Marja-Liisa is a Project Management Professional (PMP). She has insight into product life-cycle from ideas to controlled termination.

Jukka Kivijarvi
Marketing & Sales

Jukka likes the most to take advantage of his experience and competence in business and technology, and develop new business scenarios.

Antti Ketola
Partner -Technology management

Antti masters innovation & improvement in utilization of technology and infrastructure. He aims to create fruitful and efficient solutions for growing businesses.

Alberto Losada Gamst
External advisor

Alberto looks for creative ways to introduce new products in the Spanish market. He believes in the power of sharing coffees to do business.

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